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ShenZhen CiAn Electronics Co., LTD established in 2009, focusing

ShenZhen CiAn Electronics Co., LTD established in 2009, focusing on R&D, Design, Manufacturing of all kinds of Reed Switch, Magnetic Sensor Switch, Magnetic Proximity Switch etc.

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  • DC Magnetic Switch
    DC Magnetic Switch

    Brief Introduction: Magnetic Sensor Switch is widely used in Household Appliance,...

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  • NC Magnetic Switch
    NC Magnetic Switch

    ShenZhen CiAn Electronics Co., LTD locates in Shenzhen city China, focusing on manufacturing...

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  • Copper Magnetic Sensor
    Copper Magnetic Sensor

    Copper Magnetic Sensor has normally open feature. Once the magnet gets close to the Switch, the...

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  • Metal Magnetic Sensor
    Metal Magnetic Sensor

    We use Japan OKI reed switch for COM Magnetic Switch, stable performance, load Life up to...

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  • ABS Magnetic Sensor
    ABS Magnetic Sensor

    You are looking at high quality SPST Magnetic Switch from professional factory. Reed Switch is...

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  • Two Wire Magnetic Contact
    Two Wire Magnetic Contact

    We manufacture customized SPDT Magnetic Switch. Features: Small, easy to install, reliable,...

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  • Three Wire Magnetic Contact
    Three Wire Magnetic Contact

    DPDT Magnetic Switch is not as aften used as that of SPST Magnetic Switch and SPDT Magnetic...

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  • Magnetic Door Sensor
    Magnetic Door Sensor

    Magnetic switch for door use with OKI reed switch. Hamlin reed switch, COTO reed switch, Meder...

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