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Light Contact Switch

We also use magnetical contact switch for LED light solution. In many applications of LED project, the magnet contact switch is widely use to act as the trigger switch for light, movement, distance. Welcome customized project. Here you can have your ideas come true for the...

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Light Contact Switch

We also use magnetical contact switch for  LED light solution. In many applications of LED project, the magnet contact  switch is widely use to act as the trigger switch for light, movement,  distance.
Welcome customized project.

The intelligent switch is based on the electronic wall switch. It is a subversive revolution of the original rocker-type mechanical switch. Ever since Edison invented the light bulb in 1879, there has been a simple mechanical switch. More than 100 years have passed. The contemporary wall switch has no fundamental change. There is no breakthrough development. Mechanical switch is still used. Until 1992, electronic technology began to enter the field of wall switches. At the beginning, it was only used in voice-activated delay switches in public corridors. Touch the delay switch. By the widespread application of the human body pyroelectric sensor in 2000, the time delay switch has undergone significant development. The human body sensor switch gradually replaces the sound-controlled delay switch and the touch-delay switch, and at the same time, the thyristor phase-controlled dimming speed-adjusting switch is used. Also born, knob-type dimmer switch, mainly for incandescent lamps, knob-type speed control switch, mainly for fan motors. Although these types of switches have entered the electronic mode from the traditional mechanical mode, their functions are relatively simple, and they are only used on specific occasions, which cannot form impacts and replacements on conventional mechanical switches, and also due to the wiring of existing wall switches. The vast majority of the pattern is only a single FireWire access method. The zero line is directly led to the load. In the switch, only the FireWire has no zero line, it cannot form a loop, and it cannot supply power normally. This restricts the introduction and application of many electronic technologies. The development of electronic technology in the wall switch has always been in the early stage of simple functional stage, there are only five types: touch delay switch, voice-activated delay switch, human body induction delay switch (PIR), knob dimmer switch, knob speed switch . With the development of science and technology, the power supply technology for wall switch single-firing access has made a major breakthrough. At the same time, micro-computer processing chips are introduced into electronic wall switches, making electronic wall switches with various functions become feasible. Some companies of this technology have started to launch a series of new electronic wall switch products. At this time, the types of electronic wall switches have been greatly enriched and developed. Therefore, it is necessary to classify them into categories. The electronic wall switches are classified by function as follows:
1) Human body sensor switch
2) Electronic dimming switch
3) Electronic speed control switch
4) Electronic time switch
5) Other smart switches









The magnetic proximity switch is a kind of proximity switch. The proximity switch is one of the many types in the sensor family. It is a position sensor that uses an electromagnetic working principle and is manufactured with advanced technology. It can change the positional relationship between the sensor and the moving object to convert the non-electrical quantity or electromagnetic quantity into the desired electrical signal so as to achieve the purpose of control or measurement.

In the vehicle industry, the usage of magnetic switch is important. With the help of Magnetic switch, the cost and the mechanical stability is guaranteed. Most applications with different "door" big, small even tiny, can work very well with magnetic sensor switch. 

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