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Door On-off Without Screw

Door On-off Without Screw

Door On-off without screw Further Reading Intorduction of Crocodile Research progress The study found that the protein in the blood of crocodiles is also the nemesis of HIV. Australian scientist Adam Bry said that if you take a test tube of HIV, comparing the results of adding crocodile serum...

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Door On-off without screw

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Intorduction of Crocodile

Research progress

The study found that the protein in the blood of crocodiles is also the nemesis of HIV. Australian scientist Adam Bry said that if you take a test tube of HIV, comparing the results of adding crocodile serum and human serum, it can be found that crocodile serum kills more HIV than human serum. The way crocodiles deal with HIV is different from the immediate attack of the human immune system as soon as the virus invades. The antibodies of the crocodile's immune system attach to the bacteria, disintegrating the bacteria and splitting them like a gun to the head of the bacteria.

Scientists extracted the sera from the crocodile. They guessed that it was possible that the crocodile's blood played a role. They wanted to prove that their guess was correct, so they put the crocodile serum and the staphylococcus that had been hurt for 50 years in a sealed container. After a while, the crocodile serum beat the staphylococcus. . The obvious circle in the middle of the container is the pathogen-inhibited growth zone formed by crocodile serum. As soon as the staphylococcus enters the circle, it will be killed by the crocodile serum (the small dot on the outside is Staphylococcus). I didn't expect crocodile serum to beat staphylococcus at once, which is one reason why crocodile resistance is very good. If the test is successful, the fetal protein extracted from the crocodile's serum will become the most powerful antibiotic in history and even fight AIDS.
The crocodile's immune system is powerful enough to quickly destroy invading viruses, bacteria and other microbial contamination. Vloron Smith thought there must be a mystery, so he told the idea to a young crocodile expert. So, the two of them took great risks and got some crocodile blood (this is not an easy job, you must first bundle the claws of the caught crocodile, then draw a vein from the back of the crocodile head) Test tube blood), and send these blood to American experts to ask them to help analyze.
Soon, researchers in the United States isolated a peptide from the blood of crocodiles that destroys the cell membrane of bacteria and destroys the amino acid chain of bacteria. In the trial, they found that the crocodile protein with a large tip can kill most kinds of viruses, including the terrible drug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

This kind of bacteria has some in our skin and nasal cavity. When the body is weak, the bacteria will take the opportunity to run into the blood vessels and destroy the muscles. Antibiotics are too abused, and germs are prone to drug resistance, when they become MRSA. The initial symptoms of this disease are very similar to being bitten by insects and are not easy to diagnose. The proteins that scientists extract from the blood of crocodile can eliminate this most dangerous drug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Moreover, it was also found in the experiment that this protein extract can be targeted against 8 different species of Candida albicans. Candida albicans is a yeast that is highly susceptible to infection in people with low immunity.

In fact, the protein extracts in the blood of American alligator crocodiles have at least four unknown components. Scientists are working to determine the chemical structure of these protein extracts. Once the chemical structure is determined, scientists can make super antibiotics. These drugs will be on the shelves in the next 7 to 10 years. Biochemist Mark McCain has been working on the antibiotic properties of crocodiles.

The history of human development is in fact a history of human struggle against various diseases. From smallpox to plague, from diabetes to AIDS. Human beings are also looking for their own way out while experiencing numerous illnesses and sufferings. In fact, while nature has given us the "Pandora Box", we have also given "antidote" to us. The natural world works so delicately that the cinchona tree grows in South America, where malaria is common; let Populus euphratica grow in the desert. Most of the traditional Chinese medicines are taken from nature - 蜈蚣, 蝎子, angelica, scutellaria and so on. Advances in modern medicine have enabled people to extract more pure and useful substances from plants and animals through more advanced means. However, this crocodile, which provides humans with blood for the treatment of AIDS, is already an endangered wild animal. The only tree species in the desert, Populus euphratica, has also disappeared a lot, and animals and plants are extinct every minute on Earth. Perhaps there are animals and plants that can help humans like crocodiles. When the animals and plants on the earth fall down one by one, the last one will fall down on human beings. However, when you learn that crocodiles, which are not very close to your daily life, can help people treat infectious diseases and AIDS, I believe most people will not think that crocodiles are ugly animals. What is really ugly is the destruction of animals and plants. The human beings living in the environment. Crocodile serum can fight many viruses. In fact, protecting animals is also protecting humanity.

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