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NO Security Switch The country is divided into 15 regions (Región), with 54 provinces (Provincia) and 346 cities (Comuna). The names of the districts are as follows: Arica and Paritagota (fifteenth district), Palazzoca (first district), Antofagasta (second largest district), Atacama (Third...

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The country is divided into 15 regions (Región), with 54 provinces (Provincia) and 346 cities (Comuna). The names of the districts are as follows: Arica and Paritagota (fifteenth district), Palazzoca (first district), Antofagasta (second largest district), Atacama (Third District), Coquimbo (Fourth District), Valparaiso (Fifth District), General Lieutenant Ohigins (Sixth District), Maule (Seventh District) ), Biobio (8th largest district), Araucanía (9th largest district), Los Lirios (14th district), Los Largs (10th district), General Ebenez's Eisen (11th District), Magellan (12th District), Santiago Metropolitan Region. 
main city
San Diego
Santiago de Chile (Spanish: Santiago de Chile) is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Chile and the fifth largest city in South America. Located in the central part of the country, it is situated on the banks of the Mabogio River, on the east of the Andes, and about 100 km west of the port of Valparaiso. Summer is mild and dry, winter is cool and more than Santiago, full name is rain and fog, the blue waters of the Mabocho River flow slowly from the side of the city. The Andes Mountain, which is snow-covered all the year round, looks like a gleaming silver crown. Natural landscapes add to the attractiveness. Charm. The area where the city of San Diego is located is not too hot during the summer (October to March). The hottest January average temperature is around 20°C; the winter is not too cold, and the coldest July average temperature is around 8°C. .
Santiago is a city made up of multiple towns. Although it is under the jurisdiction of the Santiago Metropolitan Region, there is strictly no unified municipal organization; most of the towns are located in the province of Santiago, and the most central city is also known as " Santiago. Although Santiago is the capital of Chile, the Chilean Parliament is located in the coastal city of Valparaiso, 120 km west of the city. Santiago is the industrial and financial center of Chile, and the city contributes 45% of the country's GDP.
An important seaport on the eastern coast of the Pacific of South America, the Aconcagua region of Chile (the fifth largest district) and the capital of Valparaiso. Located on the south bank of Valparaiso Bay, about 130 km southeast of Santiago. Population of 803,000 (2010). It was built in 1536. Frequently destroyed by pirates, storms, fires, and earthquakes, most of the urban areas are currently rebuilt after the 1906 earthquake; open bays are built with strong breakwaters and modern port facilities. Chile’s largest trading port, with imports accounting for more than half of the country’s total imports. Industry accounts for about one-fifth of the country's total, including textiles, metal processing, chemicals, oil refining, sugar making, garments, tanning, and paints. With a pleasant climate and beautiful scenery, it is a tourist attraction. There are many universities and museums.
The western terminal station of the Trans-Andean International Railway connects to the Capital Electric Railway. Urban dwellers are mostly descendants of European immigrants, especially French-Italian immigrants. The city is also home to the Chilean National Assembly, the Chilean Ministry of Culture and the Chilean Navy Command.
Concepcion is the capital of Chile's Biobio Region, the center of the Grand Concepcion region. It was built in 1550. Repeatedly destroyed by earthquakes and tsunami, it was relocated to the city site and moved to its present location in 1754. The surrounding agricultural products are abundant and there are sufficient hydraulic resources. Nearby coal production, coal mines account for more than 90% of the country, as one of the country's major industrial and commercial centers. Developed agriculture is the trade center for wine and cereals. Industries include textiles, flour, leather, glass, ceramics, sugar, steel, paper, and oil refineries. There is a railway link to Santiago. Concepcion University is located. Transportation is very convenient.

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