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Electromagnetictoggle Cut-off On-off

Electromagnetictoggle Cut-off On-off

Electromagnetictoggle cut-off on-off

Product Details

Electromagnetictoggle cut-off on-off

Technical classification

1. Power line carrier type control: The power line is used to transmit signals. The switch needs to set the encoder, which will be interfered by power line clutter, making the work very unstable and often causing the switch to lose control. Advantages: Cheap and easy to accept.

2. Radio frequency control: Radio frequency control is used to transmit signals. The switch is often interfered by radio waves, making the frequency stable and easy to lose control. The operation is very cumbersome and the price is very high. Such switches need to add a zero line to Achieve multiple controls and mutual control. Advantages: Cheap, affordable for the general public.

3, bus control: is the use of fieldbus to transmit signals, through the field bus to connect the bus panel to achieve communication and control signal transmission, its stability and anti-interference ability is relatively strong, the earliest bus is a centralized bus structure, all The wires are all centralized on a central control gateway or controller, and then the signal line is located from this location to the location of each switch. This leads to poor wiring system security and the central controller is paralyzed, which will affect the entire operation. The advantage of distributed fieldbus system: good security, not because of a point of failure and affect the operation of other points, stability and strong anti-interference ability, the signal to go through a dedicated signal line transmission, to achieve communication between switches and switches . But with the traditional wiring methods need to change. Each position of the smart panel can achieve multi-point control, total control, group control, point-to-point control and other functions.

4. Single FireWire Control: It is a kind of wireless communication similar to GSM technology. It has built-in transmitting and receiving modules and single fire input. The wiring method is the same as the traditional switch and easy to install. Disadvantages: Network control switch operation cannot be achieved.

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