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Window Electromagnetic Switch

Window Electromagnetic Switch Magnetic switch can be used for intelligent home system. The magnetic reed switch can be mounted on window and door to make a circle alarm system for the house. Once the magnet is moving the magnetical switch will activate and send signal. Many trading company,...

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Window Electromagnetic Switch

Magnetic switch can be used for intelligent  home system. The magnetic reed switch can be mounted on window and door to make  a circle alarm system for the house. Once the magnet is moving the magnetical  switch will activate and send signal.

Let's see why the Window need the Magnetic sensor switches. 

Windows, architecturally speaking, refer to openings in walls or roofs that allow light or air to enter the room. In fact, the original meaning of windows and households refers to windows and doors, respectively. In modern Chinese, windows are single windows. The window frame is responsible for supporting the main structure of the form, which can be wood, metal, ceramic or plastic materials. The transparent part is attached to the window frame and can be paper, cloth, silk or glass material.

Smart windows and doors are widely used in some public places, high-grade commodity houses, and shopping malls.
Smart window control system consists of wireless remote controller, intelligent main controller, door and window controller, door and window driver and other components.
◆Wireless remote control
Wireless remote control of doors, windows, and curtains can be turned on, off, and at any position indoors.
◆ Automatic wind and rain
Living in the home, forgetting to close the window is a common occurrence. Whenever it rains and rains, you are bitter. Now, this product can eliminate your concern. It is equipped with a weather sensor on the outside. When the wind reaches level 3 or rain hits the sensor, the window closes immediately, leaving you to go out boldly and carefree.
◆ Emergency help
If you encounter bad people entering the room, you can immediately send an alarm signal to facilitate the call for help, but it can also be used for accidents at home and for children, and emergency call for help.
◆Automatic prosecution of gas
When signals such as gas and harmful gases are detected, the microcomputer in the intelligent controller automatically issues corresponding instructions to automatically open the windows and the exhaust fan, and at the same time send a warning sound and pass the alarm to the owner's mobile phone and security department.
◆Automatically prosecution of fire
Once a fire breaks out, the sensor will detect the smoke signal at the first time. The intelligent controller will issue a command to open the door and window, and at the same time send an alarm and pass the alert to the owner's mobile phone.
◆ anti-child falls
When the sensor detects human body information, the window will automatically close and the child will be kept indoors, which can effectively protect the child's safety.
◆ Clean indoor air
When the indoor air contains cigarette smoke particles, acetone, formaldehyde, benzene, ethylamine, heptane, and other harmful substances, the sensor detects hazy gas







The manufacture of reed pipes, high standards of clean environment and high precision are essential. Therefore, all processes are performed in a clean room environment. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that no contaminants enter the glass tube during the sealing process. The reed must be annealed. The annealing process can remove the hysteresis on the metal and stabilize the reed's magnetic susceptibility to avoid the occurrence of defective products. Then, the reeds are thoroughly cleaned by carbon dioxide cleaning, and the tiny carbon dioxide crystals are strongly blown to the reed metal to remove the foreign particles adhering to the reeds. Afterwards, a 1 micron thick layer of tantalum or niobium is precisely plated by sputtering. The bottom layer is tungsten with a thickness of about 0.2 micron.

After that, the glass tube was assembled with the ferro-alloy reeds. Before sealing the glass tube, the air in the tube is completely discharged and filled with an inert gas mixture mainly composed of helium. This process can greatly increase the insulation and pressure resistance of reed tubes. After the glass tube is sealed, annealing is performed to eliminate the residual stress in the glass structure. The leads on the outside of the Reed bulb are all tin-plated leads to ensure a good soldering effect. The Sn layer is approximately 8 to 12 microns thick.

In the manufacturing process of the reed switch, the metal reed is embedded in the end of the glass tube. Using the principle of the glass tube to absorb infrared rays, the end of the glass tube is heated using an infrared heating setting so that the end of the glass tube is fused and sealed with the reed. The coefficient of thermal expansion of the glass tube and the metal reed must be close enough to prevent the glass tube and the metal from being easily broken when sealed. At the same time, the glass tube must have a high reactance value and must not contain volatile substances such as lead oxide and fluoride. The reed switch pins must be carefully handled to prevent breakage of the glass tube.

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