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Appliance Access Trigger

Appliance Access Trigger

Magnetic access switch. Magnet access sensor. Further Reading: Different kinds of novel fan.

Product Details

Appliance Access Trigger

Novel fan

Time-controlled electric fan
Just set the time the fan works, it will turn on according to your settings, on time, on time.

Voice-activated fan
The voice-activated electric fan developed by General Electric Company of the United States is equipped with a miniature electronic receiver. It only needs to clap the hand twice in a place no more than 3 meters, and the electric fan will automatically run; if the clap is continued for 3 times, the electric fan It will automatically stop.

Air-conditioning fan
In the European market, a new type of electric fan combining a fan and a refrigerator has been introduced. The fan has a refrigerating movement. The central cylinder of the movement has a mixed liquid. The movement is placed in the refrigerator for 3 hours and then taken out and used. , you can blow out the cold wind, giving people the feeling of blowing cold air.

Noiseless electric fan
The almost no-noise electric fan developed by Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan is equipped with special bird-wing blades, which can generate a vortex airflow, and adopts a DC motor without a protective cover. It is suitable for microcomputers and word processors. Use in the place of the copier.

Lamp head fan
The electric fan that can be installed on the lamp cap of the United States is small and exquisite, and can be used as long as the lamp head is installed, which is not only easy to install but also saves energy.

Four season electric fan
The electric fan that can be used in Germany in the four seasons is equipped with a far-infrared heater and a negative ion generator. It can send cool air in summer and hot air in winter. It can send negative ion wind all year round, and it can send cool and warm air. Disease prevention and health effects.

Matchbox electric fan
The miniature fan developed in France is only a matchbox size, 14 mm thick, 62 mm long, weighs only 45 grams, uses 12 to 24 volts DC, two watts of power, and has a continuous service life of 10,000. hour.

Fuzzy micro control fan
The advanced electric fan introduced by Toshiba Corporation of Japan has strong, normal and weak 7-level air volume, which can automatically select the best air supply according to the temperature and humidity measured by the sensor. If someone touches the net cover, it will automatically stop rotating.

Anti-injury finger fan
Robertson Industries of the United States has introduced two new types of fans. As soon as a person's finger touches the cover of the fan, an electrical pulse signal is transmitted to the control system to stop the fan from rotating to avoid finger injury.

Small electric fan
Suitable for summer outings or when there are no cool tools around, there are many such fans, useful battery, rechargeable, USB interface, is also a good tool in summer.

Metal fan
Metal fans, also known as metal fans, metal fans, refer to electric fans that are made of metal, such as iron and copper. In developed countries in Europe and America, metal fans have become a high-end home decoration with her unique artistic charm and metal texture, which is welcomed and loved by consumers. This trend has been brought to China by Kang Yiju and is affecting more and more families.

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