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Garage Magentic Toggle Sensor

Garage Magentic Toggle Sensor

Garage magentic toggle sensor

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Garage magentic toggle sensor

The high frequency of switching power supply is the direction of its development. The high frequency of switching power supply miniaturization and switching power supply into a wider range of applications, especially in the field of high-tech applications, promote the development of switching power supply. The growth rate of more than two digits is toward light, small, thin, low noise, high reliability, and anti-interference. Switching power supply can be divided into two major categories: AC/DC and DC/DC. The DC/DC converter is now modularized, and the design technology and production technology are mature and standardized at home and abroad, and have been recognized by users, but AC/DC's modularity, due to its own characteristics, has encountered complex technical and process manufacturing issues in the modularization process. In addition, the development and application of switching power supply are of great significance in energy conservation, resource conservation and environmental protection.
The power electronics used in switching power supplies are mainly diodes, IGBTs, and MOSFETs and transformers.

SCR has a few applications in the switching power supply input rectification circuit and soft start circuit, GTR drive is difficult, the switching frequency is low, and gradually replaced by IGBT and MOSFET.
The development direction of switching power supply is high frequency, high reliability, low consumption, low noise, anti-interference and modularization.

Because the key technology of switching power supply is light, small, and thin, it is high-frequency, so foreign major switching power supply manufacturers are committed to the simultaneous development of new high-intelligent components, in particular to improve the loss of secondary rectifier devices, and in power iron. Oxygen materials to increase scientific and technological innovations to improve high frequency and high magnetic flux density (Bs) to obtain high magnetic properties, and the miniaturization of capacitors is also a key technology. The application of SMT technology has made great strides in switching power supplies, placing components on both sides of the circuit board to ensure that the switching power supply is light, small and thin. The high frequency of the switching power supply will inevitably innovate the traditional PWM switching technology. The soft switching technology of ZVS and ZCS has become the mainstream technology of the switching power supply, and the operating efficiency of the switching power supply has been greatly improved. For high-reliability targets, U.S. manufacturers of switching power supplies have reduced equipment stress by lowering operating currents and lowering junction temperatures, which has greatly improved product reliability.

Modularization is an overall trend of the development of switching power supplies. Modular power supplies can be used to form a distributed power supply system. N+1 redundant power supply systems can be designed and capacity expansion in parallel can be realized. For the shortcomings of high switching noise, the noise of the switching power supply will inevitably increase with increasing frequency. The use of partial resonant conversion circuit technology can theoretically achieve high frequency and reduce noise, but some There are still technical problems in the practical application of resonant conversion technology, so it is still necessary to carry out a large amount of work in this field in order to make this technology practical.

The continuous innovation of power electronics technology has made the switching power supply industry have a broad development prospect. To speed up the development of China's switching power supply industry, we must take the road of technological innovation, step out of the joint development of production, education and research with Chinese characteristics, and make contributions to the rapid development of China's national economy.

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