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Application of Reed Pipe in Liquid Level Sensing Circuit

- May 22, 2018 -

Reed and reed sensors are used with resistors or special reed sensors and integrated resistors provide a potential measurement feedback along the length of the PCB through two outputs as a foam magnetic float. The PCB track can be designed in such a way that a complete, high-resistance can, and a low-resistance empty slot, and vice versa. The resistance value can be selected based on the shape of the tank. If the tank being used is a cube or rectangular or a vertically mounted cylindrical tank, all the resistances on the PCB can be a single value. In the case of a cylindrical tank installed horizontally, the center resistance of the PCB should be the highest, and the tank equivalent to the circular cross section at the bottom and top of the PCB should be reduced.


Tank empty is more and more resistant

The following circuit can be used to monitor the liquid level, where a complete can has the least resistance and an empty can provides the highest resistance. The second circuit has an additional alarm point that can be used to trigger an external light. The alarm point can be one-fifth of the tank water level installed on the PCB using a reed switch.


Sink air resistance reduction

The following circuit can be used to monitor a complete tank giving the highest resistance and giving the lowest resistance of an empty tank. The second circuit is an alarm point that can be used to trigger an external light.


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