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Brief introduction of Magnetic Reed Switch

- Jun 04, 2018 -

The Reed Switch, also known as a reed switch or a reed switch, is a magnetically sensitive special switch that is the main component of reed relays and proximity switches. The reed switch is simpler in structure, smaller in size, faster in speed, and longer in service life than the general mechanical switch. Compared with the electronic switch, it has the characteristics of strong resistance to load and impact, and the working reliability is high.

Use cautions :


1. Drop: If the reed switch drops from a height of 30cm to the ground or exceeds 30G, it will change the characteristics of the reed switch.


2. Welding: Welding reed pipe over high temperature and too long time, may damage the glass and metal lead joint cracking, continuous welding time can not exceed 3 seconds, welding reed pipe, it is recommended to control the temperature of 280 ~ 300 °C


3, packaging: Reed switch packaging must pay attention to shock pressure, place must pay attention to moisture


Pay special attention to: The reed switch is a fragile glass assembly that must not be squeezed, dropped, knocked, or pressed by other external forces to compress the reed switch during processing or transportation. Otherwise, the glass tube may be damaged and the characteristics may be changed.


Processing notes:


1. When the reed pins are irregular or the assembly is broken due to the irregularity of the bending of the glass tube and the pin, the bending distance of the glass tube and the pin will be damaged. Forced at the end, resulting in damage to the product at the pin or slight damage will appear unstable.


2. Installation method: When the PCB board is fixed, it is recommended to keep proper spacing between the board and the reed switch, or adopt hollow PCB installation mode (as shown below)


3, pin wire cutting or bending foot processing should pay attention to avoid external force on the reed switch glass and the pin seal is damaged, should use the clamping tool to fix the pin wire (see Figure 1 below).


4. The reed switch belongs to the magnetic circuit, and the start value and release value will change when it is bent under normal conditions (as shown in the following figure 2)

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