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Classification and switching structure of sliding switches

- Dec 25, 2017 -

Sliding Switch classification

Multifunction switch is divided into: small current toggle switch and large current slide switch. Small current sliding switches are commonly used in electronic toys, digital communications. Large current generally used in electrical, mechanical and other large current toggle switch Toggle switch specifications and electrical performance rated power: dc50v 0.3A operating temperature range: -20℃~60℃ sliding switch in all aspects of performance:


1. Contact resistance test: In the Micro Current (100mA) the following test. Requirements: must reach below 30 cents in Europe.

2. Insulation resistance test: input 500V DC voltage 1 minutes, according to the following contact method test:

(1) between contact terminals.

(2) between the glue seat and the row foot. Requirements: must reach more than 100 trillion euro.

3. Withstand voltage test: Input AC 500V (50-60Hz) voltage, 1 minutes sensitivity current is 0. 5mA, test according to the following contact method:

(1) The foot of each other

(2) between the foot and the shell requirements: no insulation damage and other abnormalities.

The sliding switch is mainly assembled by the following parts through the corresponding process:

1. Iron Shell (material: generally iron; treatment process: by electroplating nickel or black-burning process to prevent oxidation)

2. Plastic Handle (wood material: generally for pom material, such as fire-retardant high temperature requirements, PA nylon material treatment process is often selected: injection molding)

3. Terminals (material: generally phosphorus copper; treatment process: Silver plating)

4. Insulating bottom Plate (material: electric plank; processing technology: stamping forming)

5. Contact code piece (material: generally phosphorus copper; treatment process: Silver plating)

The slide switch looks and the surface should be smooth. Electroplating treatment should also be smooth, in the sun and the ground will be shiny. Most of the quality of the switch using bullet-proof rubber, such as advanced materials, fire performance, moisture-proof performance, anti-collision performance, etc. are high, smooth surface, buy should consider their own feel, with the feel of the initial determination of the quality of the switch, and ask the dealer. In general, the surface is not too smooth, feel a thin, crisp feeling of the product, the performance is not reliable. A good switch socket panel requires no bubbles, no scratches, no stains. Switch sliding feel lightweight and not tight astringent, socket sockets need to be equipped with protection door, plug and pull should need a certain degree of strength and one foot can not be inserted.

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