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How to install the door magnetic switch

- Apr 14, 2018 -

Magnetic switch is an intrusion detector for detecting door and window switches in the anti-theft system. It consists of a reed switch and a magnet set.


to make.


When the doors and windows are closed, the switch contacts are affected by the magnetic field of the magnet to form a conducting state; when the doors and windows are opened illegally,


The magnet stays away from the switch and the switch contact opens, which triggers an alarm.



Installation instructions


Holes are not easily accessible on the door (window) and the corresponding door (window) frame to facilitate the installation of the line edge and the magnetic edge.


Then the magnet part is mounted on the movable door (window), and the switch part is mounted on the fixed door (window) frame and used


Wire to the host.


Do not tap during installation to avoid internal damage to the switch.

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