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Inductive Proximity sensor expertise

- Dec 25, 2017 -

① can be detected in a non-contact manner, so it will not wear and damage the object.

② as a result of the use of no-contact output, so prolong the life (except magnetic force) using semiconductor output, the contact life has no effect.

③ and light detection methods are different, suitable for use in water and oil environment under the detection of the detection of the stain and oil, water and so on. In addition, Teflon shell and drug-resistant products are also included.

④ can achieve high speed response compared with contact switch

⑤ can correspond to a wide range of temperature

⑥ is not affected by the color of the detected objects to detect the physical changes of the object, so it is almost unaffected by the surface color.

⑦ and contact type, will be affected by ambient temperature, surrounding objects, similar sensors, including induction type, electrostatic capacity, the interaction between the sensors. Therefore, for sensor settings, you need to consider mutual interference. In addition, the influence of the surrounding metal needs to be considered in the inductive type, while the influence of the surrounding object should be considered in the electrostatic capacity type.

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