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Introduction to Magnetic proximity switches

- Dec 25, 2017 -

Magnetic Proximity switch is a kind of proximity switch, magnetic proximity switch is one of many kinds in the sensor family, it is the use of electromagnetic working principle, with advanced technology made, is a position sensor. It can be changed from the position relationship between the sensor and the object to convert the Non-electric or electromagnetic quantity into the desired electrical signal to achieve the control or measurement.

The magnetic proximity switch can achieve the maximum detection distance with a small switch volume. It detects magnetic objects (usually permanent magnets) and then produces triggering switch signal outputs. As the magnetic field passes through many Non-magnetic objects, therefore, this triggering process does not necessarily require the target object to be directly near the sensor surface of the magnetic proximity switch, but to transmit the magnetic field to a distance through a magnetic conductor (such as iron), for example, where the signal can be transmitted to a magnetic proximity switch at a high temperature to produce a trigger action number.

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