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Made in China stable style Magnetic proximity switch

- Apr 17, 2018 -

Magnetic proximity switch

The magnetic proximity switch is a kind of proximity switch. The proximity switch is one of the many types in the sensor family. It is a position sensor that uses electromagnetic working principle and is made with advanced technology. It can change the positional relationship between the sensor and the object, convert the non-electricity or electromagnetic quantity into the desired electrical signal, so as to achieve the purpose of control or measurement.

The magnetic proximity switch can reach the maximum detection distance with a small switching volume. It can detect magnetic objects (usually permanent magnets) and then generate a trigger switch signal output. Since the magnetic field can pass through many non-magnetic materials, the triggering process does not necessarily need to directly place the target object close to the sensing surface of the magnetic proximity switch, but the magnetic field is transmitted to a long distance through a magnetic conductor (such as iron), for example, the signal can pass The high temperature place is transmitted to the magnetic proximity switch and the trigger action number is generated.

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