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Is the level sensor a level switch?

- Jun 30, 2018 -

Liquid level sensors and level switches have a wide range of applications in industrial, automotive, instrumentation, daily life and other areas. Under normal circumstances, the application of liquid level switches is more extensive than that of liquid level sensors. Then, liquid level switches are liquid level sensors. 

There is a big difference between the liquid level sensor and the liquid level switch. The price of the liquid level sensor is higher than the liquid level switch.


The level sensor can be used as a level switch, but the level switch cannot be used as a level sensor


Level switch: It is used to display the liquid level. When the liquid level is full (determine the height of the liquid level), the float ball or float trigger switch is turned on to generate the switch signal. So the liquid level switch is based on the signal output of the liquid level sensor to turn on the water or A type of controller that keeps the water level constant with the inlet valve;

Level sensor: According to the change of water level, it sends out different and continuous electric signal (analog signal), that is to convert the height of liquid level into electric signal and output it. If the liquid level sensor plus the device for reading the electrical signal and display is an electronic level gauge, the device added with the read electrical signal and processing is a liquid level controller.


Although the principle of the liquid level switch and the liquid level sensor are the same, they are all relay principles. However, the level switch is a switch control circuit, and the liquid level sensor is a circuit element that is equivalent to a transformer and a converter.

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