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Reed pipe application in sports and toy industry

- May 22, 2018 -

There have been many changes in the sports and fitness industry, from the recent analog instrumentation intelligent electronic controllers to giving long-distance users more calorie burning information. The reed sensor is used to transmit signals to the controller for various sports devices, which in turn provides the user with intelligent output information.

With the advent of smart toys and engineering tools, the use of reed switches has become more widespread. For example, a reed switch can be used to let the Lego robot sensor sense rotation, position, and temperature. Commercial grade reed tubes can be used for position sensing of dolls and toys.

The dry reed switch and dry reed sensor used by Huasheng Electronics, a reed switch manufacturer, are used as follows:

Electric fishing rod

Treadmill speed and gradient detection

Bicycle and exercise cycle speedometer


LEGO sensor

Electronic board game

Mechanical movement sensing toy

Stand counter racing track

Model train track signal module

Electronic and science textbooks

Pinball machine

Glider and aircraft model

Music greeting card


Electric fishing rod

The electric rod is equipped with a reed sensor to generate a pulsed rotary handle. The number of pulses generated is equal to the length of the fishing line, which is the water depth. The advantage of using the reed sensor is that the reel reel can be left unattended after being immersed in water. The fish bite and the signal generated by the reed sensor becomes a buzzer.


Treadmill speed and gradient sensing

The speed of the belt is determined by the proximity of the reed sensor located near a small flexible magnet in the belt itself. In addition to speed sensing, the gradient of the treadmill is adjusted by raising the front wheel. Positioning the reed sensor at several key positions in the front wheel gives more information on the progressive angle controller.

Bicycle and exercise cycle speedometer

The magnet can be mounted on one of the spokes of the wheel, and the reed sensor can be mounted on a nearby bicycle shoe to sense the resulting square pulse. Vehicle electronics can use these square wave pulses to calculate the speed of a bicycle. Just as in conventional tachometers, these pulses can also be used to indicate the distance traveled on a digital watch.

Jogging and walking calculations

When a person walks or jogs, the pedometer belt can calculate hundreds of steps. Reed switches and magnets are installed in the pedometer, and the hip undulations cause reed switch pulses. These pulses are counted over time and displayed on the counter. A number of pedometers are used in conjunction with the input of the jogger's height, weight, length of each step, etc., and the reed switch output is used to calculate the calories burned.

LEGO sensor

Lego bricks can sense position and rotation through reed switches. The position sensor can be built in the normally open (NO), normally closed (NC) type. The rotary sensor can have two reed switches built-in. Many of the magnets are on the rotary shaft. A pull-down resistor connected to each reed switch allows four different voltage levels to be output to the RCX (ramus circum flex).

Electronic games

        Reed switchboards for computer games and under magnets can trigger LEDs to show the player's movements. Light-emitting diodes are also used in single-player mode, letting the player know that the controller is about to make a move. It also allows the controller to recognize the player's actions.

Lap slot counter racing track

A small fraction of the track that usually laps a racing track a few turns does not have power. Whenever a car exceeds this part, the power consumption as a lap counter is very low. The reed sensor can be used for racing cars that have magnet tracks.

Model train track signal module

Reed switches are placed near the intersection of train tracks, each equipped with a magnet. The red and green lights that can now be controlled are signalled by the signaling point. When the red light is on, these outputs can also control the reed relay of the lamp to cut off the power of a train.

Electronic Science Toolkit

The use of reed switches in various scientific and electronic suites has experimented with various phenomena. For example in the car kit, the reed switch is used to prove how a brushless motor works. The diametrically opposed two magnets are mounted on each of the rotor shafts. The reed switch and a rotor magnet of opposite polarity are placed in series with two rotor magnets connected to the power supply. When a magnet is close to the reed switch, the electromagnet is energized to repel the reed switch that cuts the magnetic field by the other magnet.

Glider model aircraft

        Reed sensors are very light devices that can be used in model airplanes, helicopters and gliders. The radio-controlled glider and aircraft model use a reed sensor to sense whether the flap flap has been properly deployed.

Music greeting card

The ultra-small reed switch can be used for electronic greeting card magnets. Just open a greeting card and play a song. Compared to the additional circuitry of the tone and speaker, the reed switch is much smaller. Normally open or normally closed versions can be used.

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