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Reed pipe application in the field of electrical appliances

- May 22, 2018 -

The working requirements of most electrical goods are subject to extreme temperature and humidity, and are accompanied by shocks and vibrations. The reed sensors of Huasheng Electronics, a reed switch manufacturer, can withstand the above working environment. At the same time, they have direct switching 110V/230V. Additional advantages of AC line voltage. The most widely used reed switch white goods applications are listed below:

Water or milk with coffee maker

Water and Detergent Level Sensing in Washing Machines and Dishwashers

Electric door closing sensor

Water tank control

Dishwasher arm jam detection

Rice cooker heater control

Instant water heater

electric toothbrush

Overflow protection of food processing equipment

Temperature control of air conditioners, coolers, heaters, freezers and aquariums

Washing machine vibration detection

Sewing machine pedal

Commercial coffee machine

Commercial coffee, tea, milk vending machines need to dispense a full glass of milk or water. When the reservoir needs to be filled to 200 ml, it can be achieved by having a float and a reed switch in the secondary reservoir. This signal can be used to trigger other solenoid valves or pumps to stop the main output of the reservoir and open the drain valve from the secondary reservoir, dispensing liquid into the cup. With a narrow, long secondary reservoir, it can be ensured that the measurement error does not exceed 5 ml.



Home coffee machine

When the domestic coffee machine needs water injection, the electromagnetic trigger water inlet hose fills the reservoir. As the water is drained, the float drops, and the reed sensor is activated. This signal can be used to trigger the input water solenoid valve. In the machine without water inlet inlet, a float can be installed outside the reservoir cover and the reed sensor installed inside. In this way, when the lower water level is reached, trigger the dry reed sensor storage. Liquid backfill.

Level sensing in washing machines and dishwashers

Washer and dishwasher containers for detergents, water softeners. There is usually a window behind the appliance door that checks the level of detergent or water softener. Over time, this window is colored and it is difficult to see the exact level. For such applications, a small anti-foam magnet can be fixed to the container lid and the reed sensor can be installed outdoors. When the container reaches near empty, the reed sensor signal processor indicates that the LED on the panel lights up. A special reed sensor can be used to directly switch the line voltage without any other steps.

Appliance door position sensing

In washing machines and dishwashers, the processor needs to know that the door is closed so it can be started and the automatic circulating water can be pumped into the system. In the refrigerator and freezer, leaving a door slightly open, may destroy a large number of frozen products inside. The reed switch sensors and appliances mounted on the door can solve all these problems. In addition, the reed switch sensor can also be used to trigger a household appliance, such as a lamp in a refrigerator.

Dishwasher arm jam detection

When the dishwasher is in operation, there may be tiny residues of rice meals on the high-power spray arm. The next time the spray arm passes, it may clog the system. The reed sensor can be installed at the end of the spray arm and is strategically placed along its path. An additional magnet on the spray arm will trigger the reed switch sensor release signal. If an obstruction occurs and the two reed sensor points have exceeded the set time, the processor can stop the machine and indicate the obstruction light on the panel.

Rice cooker heater control

        After the rice is cooked, the rice cooker needs to maintain the temperature of the rice at 70°C. This can be cut off at 75[deg.]C and cut in at 65[deg.]C using a cut-out of a thermal magnetic reed switch. This opening and closing signal can be used to trigger a relay or contactor to switch heaters directly. There are also some rice cooker reed sensors that detect if the lid has been placed correctly and the heater is turned on continuously.

Instant water heaters and electric water heaters

Bathroom appliances such as heaters and power showers use a reed switch. The shower is turned on and the signal detected by the flow sensor can be used to turn off the heater or spray pump. In addition to turning on the heater, a hot reed switch can be used to cut in the cut heater to keep the water at a comfortable temperature. When the shower is closed, turn the sensor's flow switch on or the pump off.

Electric toothbrush changes motor direction

The direction of the motor must be changed when the electric toothbrush switches from the top row to the bottom row. This can be done by installing a reed sensor inside the electric toothbrush and sliding the outer groove into the magnet. This kind of electric toothbrush device can easily change the direction of the motor as long as it gently moves the outer magnet and changes the state of the reed sensor. Another use of the reed sensor is in the main place of the on/off switch. Since the electric toothbrush is wet, a normal mechanical switch is not suitable for a similar mechanism to a similar slide switch, and a reed switch can be used for this type of application.

Overflow protection of food processors and blenders

Mixers, food processors, and sanders have a built-in over-current protection that shuts off the motor power whenever the blade or mechanical parts are obstructed. A reed switch can be used to create a current sensing relay that senses the precise current limit that allows the motor. This relay operates at current below the current limit and interrupts contact. Normally open and normally closed current sensors can be used for such applications.

Freezer, cooler, heater and aquarium temperature control

In chillers, coolers, and heaters, the temperature needs to be kept in a precise range. The hot reed sensor can be designed to have a range as small as 2°C up to 10°C and can be switched directly to 60W. The sensor controls the switch to turn off the freezer compressor and fan cooler. Thermal reed switches can also be used in aquariums, and the temperature of the water switching heater is maintained at 25°C and 30°C.

Washing machine vibration detection

Reed switches are used in two-way vibration sensors. A cylindrical housing with a magnet and a very precise tension spring is inserted and sealed at both ends. Of these two cylindrical assemblies, the magnets face either side of the reed switch in the opposite direction. Different tension springs are used depending on the amplitude of the vibration that needs to be sensed. During the drying cycle, when the vibration of the drum washing machine exceeds a limit, the washing machine itself will begin to move and the magnet activates the reed switch. The vibration sensor can be built in, detecting vibrations from 1G to 10G, normally open and normally closed versions.

Sewing machine pedal

The treadle of the sewing machine uses a potential or similar configuration such as a winding coil to move the carbon brush to control the sewing motor speed. The disadvantage of this system is that the carbon brush wear and sewing speed change over time. The reed sensor array is mounted inside the pedal housing, the magnets are mounted on the pedal surface, and the drive reed switch sensors depress the pedal one by one. The output of the reed sensor is properly decoded and used to control the speed of the motor. In this way, the sewing speed is kept constant on the foot's pedal depression position, dust or oil will not have a chance to affect the sewing machine.

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