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Reed pipe applications in marine and marine applications

- May 22, 2018 -

Reed sensors are well suited for marine and marine applications and can be exposed to salt water and sub-zero temperatures due to the inherent corrosion and contact characteristics of reed switches. If you need to constantly monitor the spread of various liquid levels. The marine industry also needs meteorological instruments such as pressure gauges, anemometers, and wind vanes for safe navigation. In these tools, dry-reed and reed sensors are used, while reed sensors are used by Huake Electronics. Apply to the following areas:

Yacht and motor boat engine temperatures

Anchor, rudder and hatch position sensing

Accurate and clean water, sewage and oil level detection

Speed Sensing

Rain gauge

Pressure gauge


wind vane

Lake bottom flow measurement

Rowing Electronics



Marine engine temperature

The hot reed sensor can be mounted on the engine block, sensing high temperatures and displayed on the indicator dashboard. Thermal magnetic spring sensors can also be used in various vessel applications to monitor oil temperature and other suitable products.



Anchor, rudder and hatch position sensing

Just as reed sensors are used in automotive door sensors, window end positions, and intermediate positions, the reed sensor is also used for boat and yacht sensing anchor positions, door opening and closing positions, middle and end rudder positions.

Accurate liquid level sensing

A special reed sensor and an integrated resistor can be mounted on the printed circuit board to give potential feedback through two output foamed magnetic floats that move along their length. The PCB track can be designed in such a way that there is a full tank of high resistance and a low resistance tank, and vice versa. Millimeter rainfall is also tested using this principle. For sensing a fluid such as sewage, a perforated shell can be installed with the float assembly so that the semi-solid does not approach the float and obstruct its path.

Pressure gauge

The Bourdon tube (spring tube) pressure gauge itself is equipped with a magnet, so as the pressure increases, the magnet moves around the circumference. Many reed switches mount a circular PCB from the center to the circumference to provide a potential two-wire feedback that can be used to accurately measure pressure. The advantage of this type of meter is that multiple alarm points can be set.


The rotor anemometer is equipped with magnets. When the wind blows, the reed sensor of the reed can count the pulses and can be used to calculate the value of the wind speed.

wind vane

Eight reeds are radially mounted on a circular PCB and wind vane at an angle of 22.5 degrees. The vane compass radially contains a long magnet diameter of the diameter of the PCB to make the point. The fan blades are mounted in the center of the circular PCB. As the wind direction changing blade drives the corresponding reed switch, the wind direction of the wind is obtained.

Bottom fluid

The reed switch is used in the flow meter to calculate the volume of liquid. Environmentalists and scientists insert flowmeter installation depth probes into glacial lakes to monitor water velocity and fluids at different depths.

Rowing Electronics

Reed sensors are used for waterproofing rowing equipment, such as counting the number of kayaking, canoeing, and vessel rowing and schedules. The reed sensor is installed under the moving seat and the magnet is placed on the seat. For each stroke, the magnet moves back and forth through the reed sensor.

Survival cricket and emergency positioning transmitter

Survival cartridges contain a water sensor to trigger the compressed air cylinder to inflate the cartridge. To prevent accidental expansion, a small magnet and a reed switch are placed on the cassette. When the rake hits water, the magnet needs to be activated by the unit part of the rake. Reed switches can also be used to prevent emergency locator transmitters (ELT) devices from being covered internally when launched. This is done by placing a magnet in the cymbal unit assembly and installing a reed switch inside the ELT.

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