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Reed relay, Oil level sensor, Magnetic sensor, reed pile

- Apr 24, 2018 -

Reed pipes have been widely used in home appliances, automobiles, communications, industrial, medical, security and other fields. In addition, it can also be applied to other sensors and electronic devices such as level gauges, door magnets, and reed relays.

We briefly introduce four types of products and applications in this industry, so that we can understand more deeply: The reed switch can be used for reed relays, oil level sensors and proximity sensors (magnetic sensors).

Reed relay

Reed switch can be applied to reed relays. One or more reed switch reed relays in one coil. The reed relay operating current is relatively low when used, and provides high operating speed, good performance, which is not reliable switching by the traditional contact, high reliability and long life of very small current. In the 1970s and 1980s, millions of reed relays were used in telephone exchanges. In particular, they were used to switch telephone exchanges for TXEs in the UK. The inert atmosphere surrounding the reed contacts ensures that the contact resistance will not be affected by oxidation. Mercury wetted reed relays are sometimes used, especially in high-speed counting circuits.

Oil level sensor

The reed switch is currently an excellent substitute for various fuel level sensors for vehicle tanks. At present, among the existing technologies, oil (liquid) sensors are divided into two categories: One is the use of a sliding potentiometer as the basic detection element. The potentiometer is driven by the float, and then the resistance is measured with an ohmmeter to achieve the purpose of displaying the oil level. However, when the grease covers the potentiometer, the resistance value will change, causing too much error, and even can not be used. The fuel tank sensor becomes a short-life consumable.

The other is the use of inductors as the basic detection element. It uses a float to drive the inductor coil, change the oscillation frequency of the shock circuit, and then measure the frequency by the frequency meter to determine the oil (liquid) position. However, its structure is complicated, the debugging is troublesome, the cost is high, and the price is expensive and cannot be widely used. Therefore, the use of dry-reed pipes with long life, safe and reliable, non-sparking and other characteristics of the production of liquid level sensors, is now a variety of vehicle fuel tank level sensor an excellent alternative.

Magnetic sensor

In addition to reed relays and sensors, reed switches (reed switches) are widely used in circuit control, especially in the communications field. Reed switch magnet drive commonly used mechanical system, proximity sensor. Examples are door and window sensors in burglar alarm systems and tamper-proof methods.

The laptop uses a reed switch to put the laptop in sleep/hibernation mode when the lid is closed. The speed sensor of the bicycle wheel and the car gear uses a reed switch to simply drive the magnet on each wheel through the sensor. Previously used for reed switches in computer terminals, where each key has a magnet, the keypad of a reed switch actuated by pressing a key; a cheaper switch is being used. Electric and electronic pedal keyboards are used by organ players, who often use reed switches to contact the glass enclosure to protect it from dirt, dust, and other particles. They may also be used to control diving equipment such as flashlights or cameras, which must be sealed to maintain pressurized water.

Reed switches can also be used for computer cooling fans and disk drives. Due to the availability of cheap Hall-effect sensors, they replace reed switches and give longer life. In the recent period, solid state Hall effect sensors have replaced the reed switches.

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