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Reed switch applications in electronics and communications

- May 22, 2018 -

In the modern electronic world, reed pipes are used in almost every industry and give full play to the characteristics of reed switches such as compactness, low power consumption, reliability, and functionality. Reed switch manufacturers Reed sensors and reed sensors are available for electronics and communications applications:

On/off switch on radio transmitter and microphone

Telephone Reed Switch/Handsfree Kit

Dentist rig start

Coil winder

Modem and fax relays

Carbon copiers and flatbed scanners

Digital volume control

Pacemakers, defibrillators and spirometers

Vagus nerve stimulator

Overheating protection

Gas, liquid, electricity meter

Dust-proof and waterproof electronic switch

Electric satellite receiver

Contact protection


Reed sensors in cellular phones and PDAs

With a reed sensor, it can be easily opened or closed on a mobile device, keyboard, power supply, monitor or CPU. A reed sensor in these applications does not consume any power from the battery in any contact state. In addition, when the sensor is activated, the contact resistance between the contacts is low, avoiding unnecessary battery consumption.


Microphone and radio transmitter

Microphones, radio transmitters, through the use of reed sensors on/off switch, turn on or off at times when unwanted signal transients and speaker cracks can be avoided. This sensor is mounted on a microphone inside a small printed circuit board and is mounted to the housing with a magnet sliding unit. The reed sensor action is different from the traditional slide switch in that the mechanical movement of the sliding contact is repeated. When the magnet slides into place, it ensures good contact and no wear occurs.

Telephone pressure reed switch and hands-free equipment

Modern telephone circuit load reed sensor can be easily switched. Traditional mechanical switches are used in phones that are subject to millions of operations and are prone to failure. When the hook switch is used in a reed sensor, it can perform millions of operations. Normally closed reed sensors can be used for such applications to save extra components. Most telephone handset speakers have a built-in magnet that is sufficient to open the reed sensor contact and disconnect circuit. The same principle can also be applied to various mobile devices, including hands-free devices in cars.

Automatic dentist drilling activation

The reed sensor can be applied to a tiny dentist's drill tip pressure sensor to start or stop drilling. Only when the drill bit is pressed against a hard surface, such as a tooth, so that the moving spring-loaded magnet approaches the reed sensor, drilling begins. According to the drills, the tongue and lips are delicate and dirty. If you do not carefully switch drills. Also, the life of the reed sensor is very high, because without the mechanical parts, the reed sensor is sealed and is not affected by liquids such as saliva and mouthwash of other teeth.

Winding count and tension induction coil winding machine

The reed sensor plays an important role in the closed-loop tension control system. Wires like coil winding machines, tapes, and reel machines are usually not cyclical when buffered by springs and wound on spools. Mounted on the spring near the reed sensor with a magnet ensures that the optimal tension of the wire remains horizontal, and if it is exceeded, the visual indication that the motor winding can be triggered slows or stops. In addition to the tension sensing, the reed sensor can also accurately count the number of turns wound on the bobbin.

Modem and fax relays

Reed relays are manufactured with winding coils around the reed switch and have a very low input voltage and can be used for high load switching. Reed relays are widely used in many electronic and communications equipment, especially telephone lines for modems and fax machines. Special reed relays, with low inductance, can be used in radio frequency (RF) switching applications to ensure that there is no power loss.

Door-sensitive copiers and scanners

In copiers and flatbed scanners, reed sensors are used to signal the main processor if the door is open. This prevents waste toner from being used in the copier to help build a closed-loop system. When the door is closed, it can cooperate with a magnet-driven reed sensor to automatically start a scan or copy cycle.

Pacemakers and defibrillators

With tachycardia and bradycardia, the heart beats faster or slower than the normal human heart rate. Atrial fibrillation is an uncontrolled beating of different parts of the heart. People with heart problems need to change and maintain the pumping rate, or control the pacemaker or defibrillator in different parts of the heart beat. The use of implantable cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators allows the device to be modeled with a reed switch that can be adjusted with an external magnet. The special reed sensor is specially made to use lifesaving equipment and is very compact and has a very high degree of reliability and accuracy.

Vagus nerve stimulator

The vagus nerve in the neck is the main communication line to the brain. Vagal nerve stimulation controls implantable devices that stimulate impulses to stimulate the brain. When the patient senses the seizure, the magnet is activated using the inner side of the reed switch, which in turn triggers an additional, on-demand stimulation of the vagus nerve stimulator. In most cases, this can prevent the onset of the disease.


Functional tests of the lungs (or lung function tests, lung function) to assess how much air a person's lungs can hold, how fast they are, his or her lung capacity, the lungs, oxygenated blood, and carbon dioxide removed from the bloodstream. The amount. The spirometer is a type of reed switch-based flow meter connecting tube inserted into the patient's blow and suck. The pulses sensed by the reed switch are fed back to the tester to show different data metrics.

Overheating protection

The electronic device includes a built-in overheat protection scheme. In general, the function of an overheat protection (OHP) mobile device, if it exceeds the preset thermal limit indicator, the controller issues an alarm. The thermal reed sensor cooperates with the thermistor control system to perform continuous temperature monitoring and polling. The thermal reed sensor can be used to cut off the power directly, turn on the cooling fan or interrupt the processor.

Dust-proof and waterproof electronic switch

In weatherproof walkies, cell phones, CD players, traditional switches cannot be used because they are not waterproof or dirt and dust resistant. Sealed reed sensors are the ideal solution because they can be installed inside the device and are protected against water and dirt from the outside. They can be triggered by externally mounted tiny sliding magnets. These types of switches can also be used on underwater cameras and flashlights.

Satellite antenna position sensing

Although the satellite signal receiver can be adjusted by maneuver until a clear signal is received and locked by a dry yellow sensor. However, when a satellite signal receiver passes through different channels from different satellites and reed sensors, the location to be remembered needs to be used for different vendors. In more advanced models, the number of revolutions of the disk motor of the reed sensor is counted and fed back to the satellite signal receiver.

Contact protection

Most reed switches and reed sensor-based products require an inrush current load protection when exposed to contact. Reed sensors and a built-in resistor for this type of application can be a simple choice because it saves other components.

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