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Reed Switch can work as the gas sensor

- Apr 10, 2018 -

The reed switch is an excellent substitute for various fuel level sensors for vehicle tanks. There are two types of oil (liquid) sensors: one is a sliding potentiometer as the basic detection element, which is driven by a float and then the potentiometer. The ohmmeter is used to test its resistance value so as to achieve the purpose of displaying the oil level. However, when the grease covers the potentiometer, its resistance value will change, causing too much error and even being unusable. Such a fuel tank sensor becomes a very short-lived one. Damage.

The other is the use of inductors as the basic detection element. It uses a float to drive the inductor and change the oscillating frequency of the oscillating circuit. Then the frequency is used to measure the oil (liquid) position. However, its structure is complicated, the debugging is troublesome, the cost is high, and the price is expensive and cannot be widely used. Therefore, the use of dry-reed pipes with long life, safe and reliable, non-sparking and other characteristics of the production of liquid level sensors, is now a variety of vehicle fuel tank level sensor an excellent alternative.

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