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The advantages of magnetic reed switch

- Apr 24, 2018 -

Reed switch Advantages

The advantages of reed switches (reed switches) are their small size and light weight, which makes them easy to install and unobtrusive. The operating switch is very small, thus eliminating the cumbersome cams or cranks, so metal fatigue associated with all metal degradation will not occur, ensuring virtually unlimited mechanical life. Also, it can be installed in an extremely limited space and is extremely suitable for use in miniaturized devices. Reed switches and suitable magnets are cheap and easy to obtain.

The switch components of the reed switch are hermetically sealed in an inert gas atmosphere and never come into contact with the external environment. This greatly reduces the oxidation and carbonization of the contacts caused by contact sparks during the opening and closing of the contacts. And to prevent external organic vapor and dust and other impurities on the joint erosion. Long working life.

The reeds are thin and short, have a high natural frequency, improve the speed of the contact on and off, and its switching speed is 5 to 10 times faster than the general electromagnetic relay.

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