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The brief introduction of magnet

- May 04, 2018 -

Magnets are not invented by humans and are natural magnetite. Ancient Greeks and Chinese found natural magnetized stone magnets in nature.

The magnet is called "magnet". This kind of stone can magically suck up small pieces of iron and always point in the same direction after swinging freely. Early sailors used this magnet as their earliest compass to identify directions at sea. The earliest discovery and use of magnets was Chinese, that is, the use of magnets to create a "compass", which is one of China's four major inventions.

After thousands of years of development, magnets have become a powerful material in our lives today. By synthesizing alloys of different materials, the same effect as the magnets can be achieved, and the magnetic force can also be increased. Artificial magnets appeared in the 18th century, but the process of making stronger magnetic materials was slow until Alnico was manufactured in the 1920s. Subsequently, Ferrite was manufactured in the 1950s and rare earth magnets (Rare Earth magnets include NdFeB and SmCo) in the 1970s. At this point, magnetic science and technology have been rapidly developed, and ferromagnetic materials have also made the components more compact.


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