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The eleven steps of reed switch production

- May 22, 2018 -

Lead inspection

Nickel wire physical dimensions, surface defects, hardness check.






Reed suppression

Reed suppression

The lead rotates and straightens into the reed, presses the reed and checks its physical dimensions, flatness, and visual defects.







Reeds are degreased to remove grease and oil. There is a built-in cooling system in the production plant to minimize steam losses.






The degreasing reeds are annealed to soften them and reduce remanence. After annealing, remanence check and hardness check are performed.



Annealed reeds are assembled into carriers and plating in accordance with the required load contact specifications for each reed switch and the required differential.


Thickness measurement

Several reed-plated samples were tested for micron-thick precious metal plating and double differential test testing.



The dried reeds are baked in a controlled atmosphere to burn off and clean the surface of organics.


Reed pipe seal

The baked dry reeds, inert gas, and pre-cleaned glass tubes are sealed and automatically assembled by the equipment.


Lead plating

Reed switch solderable end tinned.


Reed switch test

Specially designed testing and manufacturing equipment to ensure that all major parameters of the high-quality horizontal reed switch have been tested for enhanced testing, and that the test results are good, indicating that the reed switch is normally in between inflation and sealing. All bad test reeds will be rejected.



Measurements on the reed switch will be sorted according to the reed switch sensitivity, static and variable contact resistance required by the application, packaged and shipped.

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