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The multiple application of proximity switch

- Apr 11, 2018 -

1 test distance

Detects the stop, start, and passing positions of elevators and lifting equipment; detects the position of vehicles to prevent collision detection of two objects; detects the setting position of the working machine, moves the limit position of the machine or component; detects the stopping position of the rotating body, and the valve On or off position; detecting the piston movement position in the cylinder or cylinder.

2 size control

Metal plate punching and cutting size control device; automatic selection and identification of metal length; detection of automatic loading and unloading height; detection of the length, width, height and volume of the article.

3 Check whether the object exists Check if there is a product packing box on the production packaging line; detect whether there are product parts.

4 speed and speed control

Control the speed of the conveyor belt; control the rotational speed of the rotating machine; control the speed and the number of revolutions with various pulse generators.

5 count and control

Detect the number of products flowing on the production line; measure the number of revolutions of a high-speed rotating shaft or disk; count parts.

6 detection abnormal

Check the presence or absence of bottle caps; determine whether the product is qualified or not; detect the lack of metal products in the packaging box; distinguish between metal and non-metal parts; whether the product has tag inspection; the danger zone of the crane alarms; and the escalator starts and stops automatically.

7 metering control

Automatic metering of products or parts; detection of meter or meter pointer range to control number or flow; detection of buoys to control surface height, flow rate; detection of iron buoys in stainless steel barrels; control of upper or lower meter range; flow control, level control.

8 Identification objects

The recognition is based on the code on the carrier.

9 information transmission

ASI (Bus) connects the sensors in various positions on the equipment in the production line (50-100 meters) for data transmission back and forth.


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