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The shortcoming of proximity reed switches

- Apr 24, 2018 -

The disadvantages of the reed switch

First, contacts and reeds are fairly small and delicate, so they do not handle reed-induced switching of large voltages or currents. High current overheating causes the reed to lose its elasticity; that is, the switch capacity is small, the contact is prone to jitter and the contact resistance is large; the anti-surge capability is low: the reverse instant current in the application of the AC inductive circuit exists, and it is easy for the reed pipe. Causes overload damage.

Reed switches provide typical voltage and current ratings for the switch. Measuring the rated power at power (W) simply means multiplying the current and voltage, but remember not to exceed the rated current - for example, 10V, 1A = 10W, but it is also equal to 1V 10A 10W, but in this case, The current will be too high. If you are switching high currents, only the relay coils of the operating relay coil and the reed switch are necessary.

There are many troubleshooting procedures. The faulty reed pipe needs to be tested with a special instrument (such as an AT value tester, an insulation withstand voltage tester, an internal resistance tester, etc.).

It is not suitable for product design with a small error range: The range of AT values is large. From the perspective of cost, it cannot be guaranteed that the AT values of batch products are the same, and the supporting magnets are also not the same.

Reed switch processing loss. The reed switch is glass-encapsulated and is easily damaged during shipping and processing, affecting product and life. Because the reed switch is quite fragile, especially if you are very thick lead wire soldered to the pin, it is easy to break the glass and seal.

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