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The shortcoming of reed switch

- Apr 02, 2018 -

First of all, contacts and reeds are quite small and delicate, so they are difficult to withstand high voltages or high currents. When the current is too high, the reed will lose its elasticity due to overheating. That is, the switching capacity is small, the contact is prone to jitter and the contact resistance is large.

Reed switches have voltage and current ratings. Although the power W = voltage I*current U, the same power may be obtained by different combinations of voltage and current. Remember not to exceed the rated current. For example, if 10V*1A = 10W and 1V*10A = 10W, in the second case, the current will be too high. If you want to use a large current, a relay circuit consisting of a relay coil and a reed switch is a more appropriate choice.

There are many troubleshooting procedures. The faulty reed pipe needs to be tested with a special instrument (such as an AT tester, an insulation withstand tester, an internal resistance tester, etc.).

It is not suitable for product design with a small error range: The range of AT values is large. From the perspective of cost, it cannot be guaranteed that the AT values of batch products are the same, and the supporting magnets are also not the same.

Since the reed switch is quite fragile, if the lead wire is soldered to a thicker device, the glass and the seal can easily be damaged. If you need to bend the leader, you need to choose the bending point of the leader properly.


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