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What is Reed Switch (Reed Switch) Contact Capacitance?

- May 22, 2018 -

The reed switch (reed switch) contact capacitance (Contcat Capacitance) is the electrostatic capacitance between the contacts at the time of contact release, equal to the contact voltage (maximum voltage allowed to be applied to both contacts when the contact is open) and the contact current ( The product of the maximum current allowed to pass through the contacts when the contacts are closed.

The capacitance that flows through the switch ranges from about 0.1 pF to 0.3 pF. This very low capacitance allows for switching applications like semiconductors with contact capacitance up to 100 pF and cannot be considered for use. In semiconductor test instruments, the very low contact capacitance is very important.


When the pull-in AT value increases, the gap between the reeds increases, thereby reducing the capacitance between the ends of the reed switch (reed switch)

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