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What is the common mode voltage of the reed switch (reed switch)? What is the reed switch power?

- May 22, 2018 -

Reed switch common mode voltage

It is another parameter that will have a significant effect on the life of the reed switch. The mode of the common mode voltage depends on the line and in different environments and will generate stray capacitance in the line, resulting in drastically shortening the switch life beyond what is expected. In the same way, the fast current probe on the line shows the voltage and current switching conditions during the first 50 nanoseconds. When the linear voltage is displayed on the line or close to the sensitive line, special attention should be paid, and these voltages are coupled to the line. Serious damage to the service life of the switch. The quality of the switch is usually attributed to the lack of manufacturing process of the reed switch, but in fact it may also be due to unpredictable conditions in the circuit.

Reed switch power

The combination of voltage and current switching when the switch of the reed switch is closed may sometimes be confusing. For example, a switch capable of switching 200 volts, 0.5 amps, and 10 watts can be used as long as the voltage and current product cannot exceed 10 watts. For example, if you want to switch 200 volts, then you can only switch 50 milliamperes (10-3 Amp), and if you want to switch 0.5 amps, you can only switch 20 volts at this time.

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