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What is the reed switch (reed switch) load current? What is the reed switch stray capacitance?

- May 22, 2018 -

Reed load current

The maximum current that can be allowed to flow through a reed switch when it is closed is represented by a direct current or peak alternating current. Since the switch is already closed, more current can be tolerated and no reed loss occurs. The only chance of arc discharge is when the switch opens and closes. The sudden high pulse current can refer to the current flowing in a very short period of time when the switch has been turned off. Unlike mechanical relays, reed relays can switch or flow through low currents as low as 10-15 amps.

Reed switch stray capacitance

When any voltage and current are switched, stray capacitances in units of microfarads or skin hair are generated. When switching a specific voltage and current, the initial 50 ns is the most important, and therefore arc discharge is most likely to occur. time. If there is a significant parasitic capacitance generated on the switching circuit (related to the switched voltage), then a large arc discharge may occur, resulting in a shorter switch life. When switching arbitrary voltages, place a fast current probe on the line. It is often wise to observe the actual 50 nanoseconds of the actual switch. Overall, stray capacitances of 50 picoFarads (10-12 farads) or greater have a significant impact on the useful life of the switch when the switching voltage exceeds 50 volts.

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