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What is the reed switch (reed switch) switching current and load current?

- May 22, 2018 -

The switching current is the current value measured when the switch is closed, represented by direct current or peak alternating current. The higher the switching current of the reed switch is, the shorter the life of the switch is.


What is the reed load current?

The load current is the maximum current that can be allowed to flow when the reed switch is closed and is represented by a direct current or a peak alternating current. Since the switch is already closed, more current can be tolerated and no reed loss occurs. The only chance of arc discharge is when the switch opens and closes. The sudden high pulse current can refer to the current flowing in a very short period of time when the switch has been turned off. Unlike mechanical relays, reed relays can switch or flow through low currents as low as 10-15 amps.

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