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COTO Reed Sensor Switch

COTO Reed Sensor Switch

COTO Reed sensor switch Hawking graduated from the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge and received a PhD from Cambridge University. In 1959, 17-year-old Hawkin enrolled in Oxford University College to study natural sciences. He spent a little time to get a first-class honours...

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COTO Reed sensor switch

Hawking graduated from the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge and received a PhD from Cambridge University.
In 1959, 17-year-old Hawkin enrolled in Oxford University College to study natural sciences. He spent a little time to get a first-class honours degree, and then transferred to Cambridge University to study cosmology.
In 1963, at the age of 21, he was unfortunately diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or motor neuron disease. At the time, doctors had diagnosed a terminally ill person for only two years, but he had been able to survive.
In 1965, at the age of 23, he obtained a doctorate to stay at Cambridge University for research work.
In 1973, he investigated the quantum effect near a black hole and discovered that a black hole emits radiation like an celestial body. Its radiation temperature is inversely proportional to the quality of a black hole. The black hole will gradually become smaller due to radiation, and the temperature will become higher and higher. Finally ended up with an explosion. The discovery of black hole radiation or Hawking radiation (including Hawking radiation in the de Sitter space) has an extremely basic meaning. It combines general relativity, quantum field theory, and thermodynamics. It is a quantum field theory in curved space-time. After 1973, his research turned to quantum gravity theory. Although people have not yet obtained a successful theory, some of its characteristics have been discovered. For example, space-time is not flat at the Planck scale, but is in a powdery state. There is no pure state in quantum gravity, and the causality is destroyed. Therefore, the unknown can be increased from classical statistical physics and quantum statistical physics to the third level of quantum gravity.
After 1980, Hawking's interest turned to quantum cosmology and proposed a boundaryless condition that could solve the first impetus of the universe. In July 2004, he admitted that his original "black hole paradox" view was wrong. The subtitle for "A Brief History of Time" is from the Big Bang to the Black Hole. Stephen William Hawking believes that his life's contribution is in the framework of classical physics, proving the inevitability of the black hole and the singularity of the big bang, and the black hole is getting bigger and bigger, but in the framework of quantum physics, he pointed out that the black hole The radiation is getting smaller and smaller, the singularity of the big explosion is constantly being wiped out by the quantum effect, and the entire universe is just starting from this. The details of theoretical physics will change in the next 20 years, but conceptually, it is already quite complete.
In 1985, he had undergone tracheal surgery for pneumonia and was completely deprived of his ability to speak. Speeches and quizzes can only be accomplished through speech synthesizers.
In 1985, he first came to China to visit China University of Science and Technology and Beijing Normal University. The academic report on astrophysics was given at the lecture hall of the University of Waters.
In 1988, Hawking’s popular science book “A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to the Black Hole” was released. Starting from studying black holes, he explored the origin and destination of the universe. The book was translated into more than 40 languages and over 10 million volumes were published. However, because the content of the book is extremely difficult, it was dubbed the “Unread Best Seller” in the West. Some scholars have pointed out that the book can still be sold so well because the book tries to answer the past and only theology can touch it. Themes: There is no beginning of time, there is no boundary in space.
In October 2001, another book "The Universe in a Nutshell" was published. The book is a companion to the "A Brief History of Time," with relatively simplified tactics and a large number of illustrations that tell the origins of the universe.
In 2002, he came to China for the second time. He was the subject of a popular science report entitled "Brane New World" in Beijing and Hangzhou, explaining to the public his "M-theory" about the evolution of celestial bodies.
Hawking also tried to communicate his thoughts with the entire world through popular speeches. In addition to often speaking in Britain and the United States, he visited Japan twice in the 1990s.
Hawking once said that the public will be curious about a disabled person. Why he thinks of so many cosmologies has made him the darling of the mass media. In fact, he played himself in Star Trek's TV series "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and played bridges with Einstein and Newton. He also worked in the American cartoon "The Simpsons." "Performance" to save the girl in the play. Its image also appears in the episode of the cartoon "Flying Out a Future." The cartoon "Home Man" has a similar role (Steve) to imitate it.
In 2006, he revealed in Hong Kong that he is working with his daughter to write a novel similar to Harry Potter but with a theme of theoretical physics rather than magic.
In June 2006, when he came to China for the third time, what he brought was still his latest research on cosmology. When he hosted a speech entitled “Origin of the Universe” at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Gymnasium, it was a sensation and was jokingly received. "Rock star" level reception. On the morning of June 19, 2006, at the Great Hall of the People, he told the public in Beijing about the origin of the universe.
On April 6, 2009, Hawking’s illness was canceled. During the same month, he was sent to the hospital for treatment due to illness. The situation is not good.
In January 2012, due to the malignant shrinkage of facial muscles, it has severely affected his ability to express, and may make him unable to issue a unique "computer sound."
On April 6, 2012, he was featured in the 21st episode of the fifth season of the “Big Bang” of the American drama, starring Professor Stephen Hawking. In the drama, the frame with the main character Shelton was framed by countless fans. For the classic.
In 2012, Hawking covered two golden fingerprints on the torch of the Olympic torch collection in Zhao Xiaokai’s collection. He wrote inscription: “For the long-term survival of humankind and for the sake of world peace, we need to destroy all nuclear weapons” (to ensure the long term survival of the human race we Need to disarm all nuclear warheads and promote world peace).

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