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Magnet Reed Hold Cut-off

Magnet Reed Hold Cut-off

Magnet reed hold cut-off

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Magnet reed hold cut-off

Push button switch, also known as control button (abbreviated as button), is a manual and generally automatic reset low-voltage electrical appliances. The button is usually used to issue a start or stop command in the circuit to control the turning on and off of electrical coil currents such as electromagnetic starters, contactors, and relays.
A push-button switch is a push-to-act, release-to-reset appliance that turns on and off a small current circuit. Generally used in AC and DC voltage below 440V, the current is less than 5A in the control circuit, generally do not directly manipulate the main circuit can also be used in the interconnection circuit.
In actual use, in order to prevent misoperation, usually different buttons are marked on the button or different colors are used to distinguish, and the colors are red, yellow, blue, white, black, green and the like. Normal red indicates an operation in the "stop" or "dangerous" situation; green indicates "start" or "on." The emergency stop button must use the red mushroom head button. The button must have a metal protective collar and the collar should be higher than the button cap to prevent accidental activation of the button and malfunction. The material of the button board and button box of the mounting button must be metallic and be connected to the general grounding strap of the machine.

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