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Sound Magnet Contactor

Sound Magnet Contactor Sound Magnet Contactor is to detect the sound and alarm people. Sound Magnet Contactor works with sound sensor and can send magnetical signal to the host. It is very cheap price replacement for many high price sensor. Also no maintenance cost. Many trading company, sales...

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Sound Magnet Contactor

Sound Magnet Contactor is to detect the  sound and alarm people. Sound Magnet Contactor works with sound sensor and can  send magnetical signal to the host. It is very cheap price replacement for many  high price sensor. Also no maintenance cost.

Sound and light control delay switch is an automatic lighting switch that integrates acoustics, optics and time delay technology. It is widely used in corridors, building corridors, washrooms, toilets, factories, gardens and other places. It is a modern, ideal and innovative green lighting. Switching and extending lamp life can also save electricity.

When the daytime or strong light is strong, the switch circuit is in a self-locking state, and the light is off. When the light is dark or comes at night, the switch enters a preparatory working state. At this time, when the person comes in, it has footsteps, voices, claps, etc. At the time of source, the switch is turned on automatically, the light is on, and the light is turned off after a period of time delay, thereby realizing “the lights are on, the lights are off,” and the lamp is eliminated, eliminating the trouble of finding switches in the dark, especially on the upper and lower corridors. bring inconvenience.

Since voice-activated optical delay switches have many advantages, they have been studied very early on. With the development of science and technology, the design of voice-activated light-controlled delay switches has become more and more streamlined and convenient. In order to overcome the lack of light-control functions of the power-saving switches and switches in the prior art, there are deficiencies in the form of contacts. This kind of energy-saving switch with three functions of sound control, light control and time delay is commonly used to design with an integrated chip. This course design is based on what I learned and the components that I have. It consists of a regulated power supply circuit, an acousto-optic signal collection circuit, a control circuit, and a controlled circuit module. The main chip used is the TC4081BP. Throughout the entire process, we calculated the parameters of each device in the circuit, the simulation of the circuit, the circuit connection on the breadboard, and ultimately made the actual object. After adding the power supply, we obtained the results we expected.

Nowadays, the variety of sound and light control delay switches is different, and their designs are different. However, we can reform the circuit and increase its control factors to achieve more precise control of the entire circuit, such as the redesign of the delay circuit. , making it different for people of different ages. Sound and light control delay switch is widely used, we should do more in this area, to greatly improve the value of sound and light control delay switch.






A proximity switch is a position switch that does not need to be in mechanical contact with a moving part. When the object approaches the sensing surface of the switch up to the operating distance, the switch can be actuated without mechanical contact and exerting any pressure, thereby driving the AC or the Direct current appliances or computer devices provide control instructions. Proximity switch is a type of switch-type sensor (that is, no non-contact switch), it has the characteristics of the trip switch, micro switch, and has the sensing performance, and reliable operation, stable performance, fast frequency response, long service life, resistance With strong interference capability, it is also waterproof, shockproof and corrosion resistant. Products are inductive, capacitive, Hall, AC, DC type.

Proximity switch, also known as non-contact proximity switch, is an ideal electronic switch sensor. When the metal detector is close to the sensing area of the switch, the switch can be non-contact, no pressure, no spark, quickly send electrical instructions, accurately reflect the position and stroke of the moving mechanism, even if used for general stroke control, positioning accuracy, operation The frequency, the service life, the convenience of installation and adjustment, and the applicability to harsh environments cannot be compared with the general mechanical type of travel switch. It is widely used in machine tools, metallurgy, chemical, textile and printing industries. In the automatic control system can be used as limit, counting, positioning control and automatic protection links. The proximity switch has the advantages of long service life, reliable operation, high repeat positioning accuracy, no mechanical wear, no spark, no noise, and strong anti-vibration capability. So far, the application of proximity switches has become increasingly widespread, and its own pace of development and innovation is extremely rapid.

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