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Warehouse Latching Contactor

Warehouse Latching Contactor

Warehouse Latching Contactor Software system The software system includes: operating system, application software, and the like. The management software of the computer industry in the application software, the necessary tool for the development of the IT computer industry, and the erp software...

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Warehouse Latching Contactor

Software system
The software system includes: operating system, application software, and the like. The management software of the computer industry in the application software, the necessary tool for the development of the IT computer industry, and the erp software for the computer industry.
Hardware system
Hardware system includes: chassis (power, hard disk, disk, memory, motherboard, CPU - CPU, CPU fan, CD-ROM, sound card, network card, graphics card), display, UPS (uninterruptible power supply system), keyboard, mouse, etc. (Also available with headphones, microphones, speakers, printers, cameras, etc.). Home computers generally have onboard sound cards and network cards. Some motherboards have integrated graphics.
The English full name of the CPU is "Central Processor Unit", translated into Chinese is the "central processor unit", which is made of a gold-plated material. Its role in the PC can be said to be equivalent to the role of the brain in the human body. All computer programs are run by it. (Note, don't touch the metal strip on the cpu, otherwise it will lead to poor contact and can't open the machine)
The motherboard is also called the Mother Board. It is actually a circuit board, which is densely packed with various circuits. It can be said to be the nervous system of the PC. The CPU, memory, display card, sound card, etc. are all directly installed on the motherboard, and the hard disk, floppy drive and other components also need to be connected to the motherboard through the wiring.
Hosts Computer components that are typically placed in a chassis are collectively referred to as "hosts." It is the most important part of the computer, the main components such as the motherboard, CPU and hard disk are in the host.
Memory Compared with external memory such as disk, memory refers to the internal memory that the CPU can directly read, mainly in the form of a chip. Memory is also called "main memory", referred to as "main memory". The memory chip that is commonly seen is strip-shaped, also called "memory strip", which needs to be inserted into the memory slot on the motherboard to work. There is also a kind of memory called "cache", the English name is "Cache", which is usually built in the CPU or on the motherboard. Generally speaking, how many megabytes of memory a machine has, mainly refers to the capacity of the memory module. You can see the memory capacity display in the screen when the computer is just starting up. You can also use the commands in the DOS system to check the memory capacity. You can also view the system resources in the Windows system to see the memory capacity.
The display card is an important component for connecting the monitor to the motherboard of the PC. It is inserted in the expansion slot on the motherboard. It is mainly responsible for converting the display signal sent by the host to the display into a general electrical signal, so that the display can understand what the PC is doing. There is also a memory on the display card, called "display memory", how much of it will directly affect the display of the display, such as the degree of clarity and color richness.
The display is one of the output devices of the computer. The appearance of the early display is similar to that of the TV set, that is, the CRT display. Most of today's displays are LCD or LED.
Disk and disk drive A disk is one of the external storage of a PC. It is divided into a hard disk and a floppy disk. What they have in common is that they use magnetic media to store data, so they are called "disks." In order for a PC to use a disk, the disk must be placed in a special device, that is, a disk drive.
Hard Disk and Hard Drive The hard disk is English Hard Disk, which is literally translated into Chinese as a "hard plate." Since the hard disk is built into the hard disk drive, the hard disk and the hard disk drive are generally confused. The size of the hard disk is generally 3.5 inches. The capacity of the hard disk is generally calculated in M (mega) and G (1024 megabytes). The common hard disk capacity ranges from tens of megabytes (tens of tens of meters) to several gigabytes (several gigabytes). The usual C drive, D drive, and the real hard drive is not exactly the same thing. A real hard disk term is called "physical hard disk". In the DOS operating system, a physical hard disk partition can be divided into several "false hard disks" such as C disk, D disk, and E disk. The term is called "logical hard disk".
Computer Power and Chassis The computer must have a power supply, but the power supply of the computer cannot directly use the normal voltage of 220 volts. Inside the computer's power supply, there is a transformer that converts the ordinary 220V mains into the voltage required by the various components of the computer. For example, the operating voltage of the CPU is usually only a few volts. For the sake of safety, the various components of the computer (except of course the display) are generally placed inside the chassis. There are many buttons on the housing of the chassis, such as the power-on button, the RESET button (for restarting the computer), and so on. There are also some indicators on the chassis. For example, the power indicator should be on when the computer is working. The hard disk indicator will flash when the hard disk is operated. The floppy drive and optical drive can be used directly at the front of the chassis.
Expansion Cards and Expansion Slots When you need to watch a VCD and listen to music on your computer, you need to configure the sound card. The sound card is not a necessary part of the PC, it is a function expansion card of the PC. The so-called expansion card means that the card can extend the function of the PC. For example, the sound card can make the PC sound, the fax card can make the PC have the fax function, the network card can let you connect to the network and so on. The expansion card is plugged directly into the expansion slot on the motherboard designed for the expansion card. The display card is actually an expansion card, because from the basic principle of the computer, "display" is actually an additional function, just to make the working process of the computer under the direct visual monitoring of people. Although the display is now one of the basic devices of the computer, the display card is still considered an expansion card for customary reasons. Of course, sound cards, fax cards, and network cards are all standard expansion cards.
The keyboard and mouse are the input devices of the PC. When the keyboard is tapped, the tapped key sends a signal to the motherboard of the PC and continues to be transmitted to the CPU. The CPU will confirm the response of the pressed button according to the relevant program in the operating system. For example, when doing word processing, if the Chinese character input system is not activated, typing the English letters on the keyboard will directly input the English, and pressing the "a" key will display "a". When the Chinese character input system is activated, after typing the English letters on the keyboard, it will not directly input the English, but first judge whether the typed English matches the rules in the Chinese character input method. If one or some Chinese characters can be expressed, Chinese characters will be entered. Otherwise, you cannot enter Chinese characters. As in DOS, pressing "Ctrl", "Alt" and "Del" at the same time will cause the computer to restart. In the Windows 95/98 system, the computer will not be restarted, and a "close program" dialog box will pop up. The current keyboard generally has 101 or 106 keys, and some keyboards have 3 Windows 95 function keys.
DVD/CD ROM is a digital versatile disc. A DVD drive is a device that reads a DVD disc. The DVD platter has a capacity of 4.7GB, which is seven times that of a CD-ROM disc. It can store 133 minutes of movies and contains seven Dolby Digital surround soundtracks. DVD discs can be divided into: DVD-ROM, DVD-R (write once), DVD-RAM (multiple writes), and DVD-RW (read and rewrite). The current DVD drive uses the EIDE interface to connect to IDEas, SATA or SICI interfaces like a CD-ROM drive.

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