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Composition Structure Of Magnetic Induction Device

- Dec 25, 2017 -

1. Dry Spring Tube Structure: the two pieces of conductive and magnetic materials of the reed parallel to a variety of dry spring tube sealed into the glass tube filled with inert gas components. One end of the two reeds overlaps and has a certain void, facilitating the formation of contacts.

2. Dry Spring Tube Contact form has two kinds: first, often open contact (H) type, normally open, only when the Reed is magnetized, the contact is combined; the other is the clarinet of the conversion point: There are three reeds on the structure, the first piece is made of conductive magnetic material, the second third is made of conductive and magnetic material, and the next is 1,3,2. At ordinary times, because of the role of elasticity, 1, 3 connected, when the external magnetic force, 2, 3 magnetization, suction. thereby forming a switching switch.

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