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Metal Magnetic Toggle Switch

- Mar 23, 2018 -

Metal magnetic toggle switch, this model is fresh and will become hot.

We make many models of magnetic sensor switch, in different prices and different tastes, with different materials. 

Contact us for more details. 



ShenZhen CiAn Electronics Co., LTD established in 2009, Shenzhen city China, focusing on R&D, Design, Manufacturing of all kinds of Magnetic Switch, Reed Switch, Magnetic Sensor Switch, Magnetic Contact, Sensor Switch, Magnet Toggle etc. With ISO9001-2015 Quality Management system, strong engineering team, skillful staffs and cutting-edge device, we have succeffully exposed ourselves to the whole world with famous brand name "CiAn". CiAn brand is the symbol of Professional Magnetic Sensor Switch. 

One of our advantages is the reliable and fast One-stop-service solution with free customization support.

We have successful projects in many countries and well received from customers. And all models are CE, ROHS, FCC, UL compliant.

More and more domestic trading companies come to our factory for business and we also export directly to American continent, European continent, Africa continent, Asia and MID-east etc.

Quality up, Price down, Service good, Delivery fast.

Welcome to our factory to discuss in details for more margins, better functions, and more reliable solutions.

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