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Overview Of Magnetic Switches

- Dec 25, 2017 -

The sex switch means through the magnet to induction, this "magnetism" is the magnet, the magnet also has several kinds, the market above commonly used magnet has the rubber magnetism, the permanent magnet ferrite, the sintered neodymium Iron Boron and so on. The switch is the reed tube. Dry Spring tube is the abbreviation of dry reed tube, is a contact with the passive electronic switch element, with simple structure, small size and easy to control, and other advantages, its shell is generally a sealed glass tube, the tube is equipped with two iron elastic reed plate, but also filled with inert gas. At ordinary times, two reeds made of a glass tube are separated by a special material. When a magnetic material near the glass tube, the magnetic field lines in the action of the tube of two reeds are magnetized and attract each other contact, the reed will be sucked together, so that nodes connected to the circuit. After the external magnetic force disappears, the two reeds are separated by their elasticity and the lines are disconnected. Therefore, as a use of magnetic field signals to control the line switch device, reed tube can be used as a sensor, for counting, limit and so on (in the security system is mainly used for door magnetism, window magnetic production), but also widely used in various communications equipment. In practice, the permanent magnet is usually used to control the two metal plates connected or not, so it is also known as "magnetron."

Reed Tube is also called magnetron, it is similar to the hall element, but the principle of different properties, is the use of magnetic signals to control a switch element, no magnetic disconnect, can be used to detect the circuit or mechanical movement of the State,

Another kind of magnetic switch is the market said proximity switch, door magnetic switch, also called inductive switch, it is a dry one to open a good mold and is a standard size plastic shell, the reed tube potting in the black casing inside the wire leads to the other half with a magnet plastic housing fixed at the other end when the magnet is close to the switch with the conductor, Send a switch signal! General signal distance of 10mm, this product is widely cited to the anti-theft door, home doors, printers, fax machines, telephones, and other electronic equipment above.

There is also a magnetic switch in a closed metal or plastic pipe, set one or more points of the reed switch, and then the pipe through one or more, hollow and internally equipped with ring-shaped magnet floating ball, and the use of fixed ring, control the float and reed switch in the relevant position, so that floating ball in a certain range fluctuation. The magnet in the float ball is used to attract the contact of the reed switch, which produces the action of opening and closing.

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