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Temperature Proximity Sensor

Multiplicity appearance 2) Compact volume 3) High repeat orientation precision 4) Many output form 5) Strong protection distribution 6) High on-off frequency commonly 600Hz 7) Wide voltage range 8) Dustproof, vibration-proof, waterproof and oil-proof 9) With...

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Temperature Proximity Sensor

A temperature sensor is a sensor that senses temperature and converts it into a usable output signal. The temperature sensor is the core part of the temperature measuring instrument and has a wide variety of products. According to the measurement method, it can be divided into two types: contact type and non-contact type. It is divided into thermal resistance and thermocouple according to the characteristics of sensor materials and electronic components.

The detection part of the contact type temperature sensor has good contact with the measured object, which is also called a thermometer.
The thermometer achieves thermal equilibrium through conduction or convection so that the indication of the thermometer can directly represent the temperature of the measured object.

The general measurement accuracy is high. Within a certain temperature range, the thermometer can also measure the temperature distribution inside the object. However, for sports objects, small objects or objects with small heat capacity, large measurement errors will occur. Commonly used thermometers include bimetal thermometers, glass liquid thermometers, pressure thermometers, resistance thermometers, thermistors, and thermocouples. They are widely used in industrial, agricultural, commercial and other sectors. People often use these thermometers in daily life. With the wide application of cryogenic technology in defense engineering, space technology, metallurgy, electronics, food, medicine, and petrochemicals, and the study of superconducting technology, cryogenic thermometers measuring temperatures below 120K have been developed, such as cryogenic gas thermometers, steam Pressure thermometers, acoustic thermometers, paramagnetic salt thermometers, quantum thermometers, low-temperature thermal resistance, and low-temperature thermocouples. Cryogenic thermometers require that the temperature sensing element be small, accurate, reproducible, and stable. The carburizing glass thermal resistance formed by carburizing sintered porous high-silica glass is a temperature sensing element of a low-temperature thermometer and can be used to measure temperatures in the range of 1.6 to 300K.







The proximity switch is a position switch that can operate without mechanical contact with the moving part. When the object approaches the sensing surface of the switch to the action distance, the switch can be actuated without mechanical contact and exerting any pressure, thereby driving the DC electric apparatus. Or provide control instructions to a plc device. Proximity switch is a kind of switch type sensor (namely non-contact switch). It has both the characteristics of limit switch and micro switch, and it has the sensing performance, reliable operation, stable performance, fast frequency response, long service life, and anti-interference. Strong ability, and with waterproof, shockproof, corrosion-resistant and other characteristics. Products are inductive, capacitive, Hall, AC, DC type.

Proximity switch, also known as non-contact proximity switch, is an ideal electronic switch sensor. When the metal detector is close to the sensing area of the switch, the switch can be contactless, no pressure, no spark, quickly send electrical instructions, accurately reflect the position and stroke of the moving mechanism, even if used for general stroke control, positioning accuracy, operation The frequency, the service life, the convenience of installation and adjustment, and the applicability to harsh environments cannot be compared with the general mechanical type of travel switch. It is widely used in machine tools, metallurgy, chemical, textile and printing industries. In the automatic control system can be used as limit, counting, positioning control and automatic protection links.

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