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Golden Leads NO Magnetic Reed Switch

Golden Leads NO Magnetic Reed Switch

Golden leads NO Magnetic Reed Switch is one of our dominant key IC for the Magnetic sensor switch. Reed switch is very significant and vital IC part for all magnetic switches. If the RS fails, the whole product even the whole system may fail. Why we have to use very high stable quality to ensure...

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Golden leads NO Magnetic Reed Switch is one of our dominant key IC for the Magnetic sensor switch.

Reed switch is very significant and vital IC part for all magnetic switches. If the RS fails, the whole product even the whole system may fail. 

Why we have to use very high stable quality to ensure the steady performance of Golden leads NO Magnetic Reed Switch? Because this RS IC is the main part and the final toggle heart. The RS has 3 main types. 1 is Normally open, 2 is Normally close, the final one is COM connection way, the NO NC way. 

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