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Magnetic Relay Switch

For relay trigger usage, the magnetic reed switch is a new compo. The Magnetic Relay Switch is same function but with magnetic structure and activated by magnet. Many trading company, sales company, wholesaler, dealer etc like to ask us whether we can tailor Switch. The...

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Magnetic Relay Switch

For relay trigger usage, the magnetic reed  switch is a new compo. The Magnetic Relay Switch is same function but with  magnetic structure and activated by magnet.

Classification (per relay operating principle or structural characteristics)
1) Electromagnetic relay: An electrical relay that uses the circuit in the input circuit to operate by the suction force generated between the solenoid core and the armature.
2) Solid state relay: A type of relay in which the input and output are separated by an electronic component that performs its function without mechanical motion components.
3) Temperature relay: Relay that acts when the outside temperature reaches a given value.
4) Reed relay: A relay that opens, closes or changes the line by means of a reed action that is sealed in the tube and has the double action of the electric contact reed and the armature magnetic circuit.
5) Time relay: When adding or removing the input signal, the output part needs to delay or limit the time until the specified time to close or disconnect its controlled line relay.
6) High-frequency relays: Relays for switching high-frequency, RF lines with minimal losses.
7) Polarization relay: A relay that has a combination of a polarized magnetic field and a control current through a magnetic field generated by a control coil. The direction of action of the relay depends on the direction of the current flowing in the control coil.
8) Other types of relays: such as optical relays, acoustic relays, thermal relays, instrument relays, Hall effect relays, differential relays, etc.





The reed switch can be used as a sensor for counting, limiting, etc. For example, there is a bicycle kilometer in which a magnet is attached to a tire and a reed pipe is fixed on the side. The reed switch is mounted on the door and can be used as an alarm when opening the door. Can also be used as a switch.
Reed pipes have been widely used in home appliances, automobiles, communications, industrial, medical, security and other fields. In addition, it can also be applied to other sensors and electronic devices such as level gauges, door magnets, and reed relays.
The reed switch can be used for reed relays, oil level sensors, proximity sensors (magnetic sensors), and also for high-risk environments.

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