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Window Relay Hold Cut-off

Window Relay Hold Cut-off

Window relay hold cut-off

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Window relay hold cut-off

The switching power supply consists of a main circuit,

Control circuit, detection circuit, auxiliary power composed of four parts.

1, the main circuit
Inrush Current Limit: Limits the inrush current on the input side at the instant of power on.
Input filter: Its function is to filter the clutter that exists in the power grid and hinder the feedback of clutter generated by the unit back to the power grid.
Rectification and filtering: Direct rectification of grid AC power to smoother DC power.
Inverter: The rectified DC power is changed into high-frequency AC power, which is the core of high-frequency switching power supply.
Output rectification and filtering: According to load requirements, provide a stable and reliable DC power supply.

2, the control circuit
On the one hand sampling from the output, compared with the set value, and then to control the inverter, change its pulse width or pulse rate, so that the output is stable, on the other hand, according to the data provided by the test circuit, the protection circuit identification, provide The control circuit performs various protection measures for the power supply.

3, detection circuit
Provides various parameters and various meter data during operation in the protection circuit.

4, auxiliary power supply
The software (remote) that realizes the power supply starts to supply power for protection circuits and control circuits (chips such as PWM).

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